Capacity and Performance Optimization

Capacity and performance optimization is the art of achieving optimal performance from what you have. Capacity and performance optimization can be split in to two parts.

Capacity Planning:

Plan your capacity requirements from the top-down, become familiar with the business goals of your Company and consider what your Organization is trying to achieve. Bringing in business data gives you an advantage. The integrator feature in athene® allows you to integrate all sorts of time series data, this enables you to introduce metrics that are also important to your stakeholders.

Performance Optimization:

Meet service level agreements (SLA’s). Finding and fixing bottlenecks, tuning to gain capacity and performance optimization, setting thresholds and receiving notification when they are about to breach, these are all key requirements to ensure your systems are running smoothly at all times.

The benefits of capacity and performance optimization are clear - a better service provided by you to your business users and to your customers.

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