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Metron announce the release of athene® 10.30
athene® 10.30 from Metron hits the streets today and includes athene® ServiceView, a single pane of glass view of Service Capacity health across an organization’s enterprise, making it easier than ever for IT departments to keep an eye on their IT capacity and performance....

athene® ServiceView provides ITSM process and business proactive alerting through a combination of exception (RAG) reports and calculated “Days to Live” (DTL) values, including drill down and on-demand reporting at the touch of a button.

"athene® ServiceView provides critical service information in a graphically pleasing and easy to use browser interface," said Metron Chief Marketing Officer Rich Fronheiser. "Capacity Managers and other stakeholders will appreciate this ease-of-use as well as the importance of the information provided."

Metron has also built on the success of its Integrator facility, by introducing a new RESTful API option which extends the capability of correlating, collating and unifying data from Business, Service, and Component sub-processes.

New and enhanced functionality within athene® 10.30 provides a greater range of enterprise reporting and data coverage. Dynamic analysis period options have been increased with Back N Days and Months, plus visual dashboard alerting for exception and recurrence reporting and new percentile and highest hour per day aggregation.
  • AWS and Azure cloud coverage
  • Improved Portal
  • Integration of siloed data into the CMIS providing centralized data storage and access
  • Additional metrics as standard
  • Wider range of enterprise data capture, e.g. routers, switches, SANs, Hyper converged systems
"athene® 10.30 is a key component for organizations that are trying to implement a Capacity Management process or mature their existing processes," said Fronheiser.

"athene® has always been the centerpiece of our 360° Capacity Management philosophy, where capacity management is looked at from every possible angle from a variety of data sources brought together in the athene® CMIS."

Metron joins the NetApp Alliance Partnership program
Metron today announced membership in the NetApp Alliance Partner Program. Metron is working together with NetApp to integrate performance and occupancy data from a NetApp storage environment into athene®’s enterprise-wide capacity management information system (CMIS). With this collaboration, customers will be able to resolve problems faster, optimize spend and plan future requirements.....

Metron has joined the NetApp Partner Program as NetApp storage is recognized as a leader in the Enterprise Storage market. It’s become essential for Capacity Managers to view their NetApp storage data alongside all their other infrastructure and business data, enabling them to see all aspects of capacity that may affect a service. athene® for NetApp provides the ability to do just this, bringing not only Occupancy data, but also Performance data, at all levels in the NetApp configuration in to the athene® CMIS. For more information, please visit

Rich Fronheiser, Chief Marketing Officer at Metron commented, “athene® for NetApp gives the Capacity Manager important storage performance and occupancy data vital for managing the capacity and performance of services. Our clients benefit from being able to apply our 30+ years of Capacity Management expertise to their NetApp infrastructure.”

NetApp Alliance Partner Program NetApp Alliance Partner Program provides qualified infrastructure and application providers with access to NetApp solutions, software development kits, technical support, training, certification, product information, and marketing and sales assistance. Customer benefits by having access to best-­of-­breed partner solutions that has been tested to work with NetApp storage.

Additional information on the NetApp Alliance Partner Program is available at

(NetApp, the NetApp logo, and Go further, faster are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. The use of the word “partner” or “partnership” does not imply a legal partnership between NetApp and any other company.)

Capacity Management Maturity Workshop starts February 14
Two of Metron’s best-known Capacity Management experts, Charles Johnson and Jamie Baker, will present their workshop, "Capacity Management Maturity on February 14 and 16 online.

The only workshop of its kind, "Capacity Management Maturity" was designed to help organizations identify areas of concern in their Capacity Management process.

The two part educational and motivational workshop will address critical issues for anyone responsible for managing the performance and capacity of their organization.

With an in- depth look into the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and how your Capacity Management Process is graded.

  • The CMMI relevance to the ITIL Capacity Management process
  • Where your organization rates on the Capacity Management Maturity scale, your baseline maturity rating
  • A comparison of survey results to your Industry peers
  • Gap Analysis method and sample report – understand how to identify specific gaps with your Capacity Management process
The cost is $129 or £99 and includes a certificate of completion.

To book your place or for more information visit

Metron releases new version of its athene® Capacity Management Software
Metron today announced the release of version 10.20 of athene® Capacity Management Software, the company’s software solution that enables organizations to meet their service level agreements and provide adequate IT capacity at controlled costs.

athene® 10.20 expands the reach of capacity management teams by increasing collaboration between IT departments and the business, enabling faster time to problem resolution, enhanced data correlation and ultimately reduced IT costs.

New features in athene® 10.20 include: Improved Portal features:
  • Additions to Trends and Thresholds
  • Additional chart types
  • Dynamic date and extended time summarization options
  • Greater range of dynamic analysis period options
  • Instance filtering
Integrator Direct Database Connectivity: athene® has Integrator Direct Database Connectivity for SQL Server and now 10.20 provides even greater access to performance, capacity, application and business data stored in DB2, MySQL and Oracle databases. Data can be directly scheduled for automatic extraction, data mapping and processing into a CMIS ready for immediate reporting and analysis.

Additional Enhancements: Included in the new release are more metrics for Oracle, IBM z Systems and SQL Server and instance cloning for Windows, UNIX and Linux, SQL Server and Oracle.

Rich Fronheiser, Chief Marketing Officer at Metron commented “Our close relationships with our clients allow us to build the features and enhancements into athene® that are important to them. 10.20 brings enhancements to our Web Portal and also Direct Database Connectivity, which increases the amount of customer data and information the Capacity Manager can use within athene®.”

To meet the constant pressures on IT, Capacity Management teams need to automate as much of their process as possible creating a more efficient and repeatable approach to managing their IT resources. athene® 10.20 makes it even easier for organizations to focus on their overall IT strategy.

Metron announces its collaboration with Trend Solutions in Brazil
Metron, a global leader in IT Capacity Management, announces a new release of its athene® Capacity Management Software. The software allows Companies to easily manage and predict performance and capacity across their entire IT infrastructure and correlate this information with business data.....

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the Latin American region and the ninth largest economy in the world. The World Cup and the Olympics are marking the country on the map as a promising destination for global investment.

Most Brazilian companies have diverse IT enterprises but there is still little awareness about capacity management and capacity planning as a discipline.

All this is about to change as Metron team up with Trend Solutions to educate the market with regard to capacity management, helping businesses to reap the benefits of optimized IT, with the consequent cost reduction.

Metron is the standard in capacity planning and performance management software providing measurement, analysis, planning and reporting capabilities for all physical and virtual platforms.

Trend Solutions offer a range of capacity management Consulting services, helping Companies perform cost estimation and alternatives analysis for capacity demands and growth and strategic capacity planning and optimization of the IT infrastructure.

Ian Upton, Chief Business Development Office, Metron commented "Our products and expertise combined with Trend Solutions experience in consulting capacity planning technologies will help companies in Brazil to improve their business, IT performance and ultimately their profitability."

Metron is pleased to announce that LV= has extended its contract to use athene® Capacity Management software for another 3 years
LV=, the UK's largest friendly society and a leading financial mutual. is a forward thinking and dynamic financial services business. It is focused on doing the right thing for the people that buy its range of insurance, investments and retirement products. LV= offer a range of products from car, home, pet, travel and life insurance to investment and retirement solutions to over five and a half million customers and members.....

LV= has used athene® Capacity Management software since 2010. With a constantly growing business base it needs to provide a consistent level of IT service to its customers and staff at all times and athene® helps it to make the most cost efficient use of its IT resources with no impact on service levels.

Rich Fronheiser, Chief Marketing Officer at Metron commented "We’re pleased to continue our valued relationship with LV and that its confidence in athene® has led it to extend its contract with us for another 3 years. Automation of the Capacity Management process is central to aligning IT with the business, enabling business objectives to be achieved whilst maintaining IT service levels and the IT infrastructure that supports critical applications."

About LV=
LV= employs 6,000 people and serves over 5.7 million customers with a range of financial products. We are the UK's largest friendly society and a leading financial mutual.

When we started in 1843 our goal was to give financial security to more than just a privileged few and for many decades we were most commonly associated with providing a method of saving to people of modest means. Today we follow a similar purpose, helping people to protect and provide for the things they love, although on a much larger scale and through a wide range of financial services including insurance, investment and retirement products.

We offer our services direct to consumers, as well as through IFAs and brokers, and through strategic partnerships with organisations such as ASDA, Nationwide Building Society and a range of trade unions.

Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. LVFS is a member of the ABI, the AFM and ILAG. Registered address: County Gates, Bournemouth BH1 2NF.

Metron announce 20 year anniversary of their successful partnership with IIM
This year Metron and IIM celebrate 20 years of successful partnership selling Capacity Management. Proof of its success are the 500+ IIM clients in Japan using Metron’s athene® software, across all vertical markets.....

This year Metron and IIM celebrate 20 years of successful partnership selling Capacity Management. Proof of its success are the 500+ IIM clients in Japan using Metron’s athene® software, across all vertical markets. The long list of impressive clients includes TOYOTA Motor Corp, Honda Motor Co. Ltd, Mazda Motor Corp, YAMAHA Corp, Panasonic Corp, KONICA MINOLTA, INC, NTT Data, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd, Mizuho Bank, Ltd, Japan Airlines International Co. Ltd, All Nippon Airways Co, Ltd and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd.

The partnership has expanded in recent years with Metron and IIM jointly developing and selling athene® ES/1 for mainframe across the globe.

Mitsuo Takeda, Director at IIM said “Both of our companies hold similar values and are experts in the field of capacity and performance management. Our joint customers have benefitted from improved service quality and control of costs. Together we will continue to evolve with the dynamic changes in IT and meet these new challenges through integration of our solutions and joint global sales initiatives.”

athene® ES/1 offers automated near real time reporting, upgrade analysis and automated performance optimization advice for mainframes. Many organisations are choosing athene® ES/1 as it allows them to maintain control of their mainframe environments even though valuable mainframe skills are being lost due to retirement.

athene® ES/1 has also been gaining ground as a popular replacement for SAS and a variety of other mainframe performance and capacity tools.

Ian Upton from Metron commented “IIM & Metron have had such a strong partnership for many years and it is fantastic to see it continue to evolve through our flagship athene® ES/1 expert systems solution. The combination of powerful reporting, planning and visualisation features alongside automated mainframe tuning advice is hitting the market at exactly the right time. The future looks very healthy for both of our companies.”

Mainframe workloads are increasing and becoming more dynamic with the rapid growth in online and mobile users.

Ian Upton from Metron added “The mainframe is still there behind much of the technology we take for granted in our modern society, so performance is key.

It is clear that the mainframe will remain a constant factor in running a successful large enterprise for some time to come.

About IIM
IIM Corporation is Japan’s leading capacity and performance management business. Since establishment in 1988 IIM has successfully grown its operation by adhering to its policy ‘To sell is to support’ enabling over 800 customers to rely on specialist advice, objective insight into current trends in IT technology and a strong trusting relationship. IIM’s software ES/1 NEO is used by over 800 of Japan’s leading companies including Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd., NSK Ltd., Honda Motor Co Ltd, Toyota Motor Corp., NTT Data Corp.

Metron is pleased to announce the availability of SharePath 4.0.0
Metron announce the general availability of SharePath 4.0.0 Release APM software available in both web and on premise environments. The new version enhances the user experience while adding new functionalities to empower the enterprise IT customers.....

New release of flagship software from Correlsense, Sharepath 4.0.0 dramatically improves search functionality and user interface for enhanced overall enterprise performance management.

Metron announce the general availability of SharePath 4.0.0 Release APM software available in both web and on premise environments. The new version enhances the user experience while adding new functionalities to empower the enterprise IT customers.

Some key features include:
  • Enablement of transaction groups that facilitate monitoring a series of transaction types. SharePath users can now arrange their data in more intuitive way that complies with their business needs.
  • Smartification of SLA-compliance now shows failed transactions as bad transactions. Transactions with low response time that allegedly met their SLA threshold but failed (response time 404/500, for example) will be distinguished.
  • Transaction topology no longer just alert application slowness, but indicates a full array of problems an application is experiencing through explicit topology display.
  • Advanced session search and drill down with strong filtering capabilities. User flow can be now tracked smoothly.
  • New Application Diagnostic Report provides an end to end view (summary) of all the anomalies in the application performance/stack.
SharePath is unique in its ability to trace single user requests for any application and follow it through the entire technology stack within an enterprise data-center.

Some of the largest companies in the world rely on Sharepath to manage critical application performance and ensure applications are always up and running as expected. With Sharepath they can literally see every single user click and discover why it took five seconds to process instead of one second. SharePath shows how much of these five second interactions were spent in the web server, app server, database, message brokers and other apps.

Metron’s Capacity Management workshops are now available ‘on-demand’
A series of online Capacity Management workshops held by Metron have proved to be a popular form of education. Their low cost and ease of accessibility has attracted thousands of attendees from around the world.....

A series of online Capacity Management workshops held by Metron have proved to be a popular form of education. Their low cost and ease of accessibility has attracted thousands of attendees from around the world.

Metron continues to work with organizations to help educate and train their personnel, across the enterprise, on all things IT Capacity Management related and their range of workshops are now available as ‘Pay to view’, enabling people to buy online and watch ‘on-demand’.

Rich Fronheiser, Chief Marketing Officer, commented. “An effective Capacity Management process needs many people from both business and IT to cooperate and collaborate. We developed our online workshops for clients, to help them encourage as many people as possible within their organization to attend. The concept of Capacity Management knowledge transfer via our workshops has been so well received that we now offer a range of workshops as self-serve.”

Workshops on Hyper-V Capacity Management and VMware Capacity Management are now available to buy online. Purchasing the Metron workshop provides the buyer with recordings, slides for notes and access to a Consultant via email to help with questions.

With so little in the way of Capacity Management training around these low-cost, high value workshops are proving to be very popular, particularly as buyers can fit their viewing around their own busy schedules.

Metron is pleased to announce its collaboration with IT.PA BV in Oudenbosch
Metron today announced that it will be working in collaboration with IT.PA BV in Oudenbosch, The Netherlands. This association will bring together Metron’s capacity planning expertise and athene® software with IT.PA’s expertise in performance tuning ERP, CRM and Internet applications running on IBM hardware.....

Metron today announced that it will be working in collaboration with IT.PA BV in Oudenbosch, The Netherlands.

This association will bring together Metron’s capacity planning expertise and athene® software with IT.PA’s expertise in performance tuning ERP, CRM and Internet applications running on IBM hardware.

Rich Fronheiser, Chief Marketing Officer at Metron commented “We are looking forward to working closely with IT.PA. Our Companies share a common purpose, helping organisations to maximise the capacity and performance of their IT and ultimately achieve their business goals.”

Each Company will contribute to the alliance. Metron will bring their expertise in the prevention of capacity and performance issues, helping to optimise spend on IT infrastructure to support the growth in ERP, CRM and Internet transactions. IT.PA will bring their unrivalled knowledge of those environments and their triage services when the applications aren’t performing.

Editors Notes

About Metron
Metron has been an industry leader in 360° Capacity Management since 1986 and is justifiably proud of its history as an independent software, services, and education company. Metron delivers Capacity Management solutions around the world and has an impressive client list of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 Companies including ATOS, Internal Revenue Service, Deloitte, Marriott, Zions Bank, EE, Telefonica O2, Financial Conduct Authority, LV= and Lloyds Banking Group.

Metron believes its expertise in this area is second-to-none, having advised on the original Capacity Management process definition and guidelines contained within the ITIL® framework. The software, services, and training Metron delivers are closely aligned to ITIL® and other good practice methodologies.

The company’s extensive Capacity Management experience, amassed helping organizations implement successful processes and solutions, is available to help meet the challenges of managing an organization’s physical and virtual environments. This expertise has been built into the athene® Capacity Management solution that Metron develops and sells directly in North America and Europe, and via partners around the world.

Metron works in partnership with leading IT suppliers such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, VMware, Computer Associates, IBM, Capgemini, and Oracle and alongside the world’s leading outsourcing companies.

athene® is a registered trademark of Metron Technology Ltd and Metron-Athene, Inc.

ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark, and a Registered Community Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce, and is Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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