IT Systems Management

The ITIL definition of IT Systems Management reads as follows:

"The tools, policies, procedures and reports used to manage and provide information about an IT infrastructure. IT Systems Management differs from IT Service Management in that its focus is on technology rather than process. The key elements of IT Systems Management include:
  • Tools providing for the automation of routine tasks and the reporting of status and event information
  • The timely reporting of status information
  • The setting of policies for the IT environment such as standardization, fault tolerance and procurement
IT Systems Management has an interface to all IT Service Management processes, often providing tools and information to support those disciplines."

We at Metron have long been champions of 360° Capacity Management, one seamless view across the enterprise allowing you to control, monitor and manage your Organization's IT infrastructure and applications and optimize IT service delivery.

As IT disciplines have evolved from technology centric to service-centric there is a drive to deliver competitive advantage through the use of technology - so keeping your finger on the pulse at all times is imperative.

Looking at performance and capacity challenges from all possible angles, 360° Capacity Management, gives you the ability to properly meet service level agreements and meet Capacity Management's mission of providing adequate capacity at controlled costs, both now and in the future.

athene® is a complete ITIL-aligned Capacity Management software solution providing:
  • Automated notification of detected faults - advising you when there is a problem that requires your attention, enabling you and your team to use your time more productively on project delivery and other "value add" activities.
  • Performance monitoring, Capacity Management and what-if modeling capabilities.