athene® ES/1


athene® ES/1 - Reporting and Planning

athene ES/1 provides analysis of current and recent system performance activity, It identifies problems as they are reported and uses expert system techniques to recommend what courses of action are required to restore service levels. Severity level reporting  and tuning hints enable attention to be focused where it is needed. Detailed drill down facilities are available to analyze problems, plot trends and report on the most important metrics of all IBM z Systems subsystems.

athene ES/1 provides a fully automated performance reporting system, requiring no user management or specific technical expertise to operate. Information is delivered as required - on the mainframe, workstation or browser.

The power of athene lies in its ease of use and ability to present complex data as relevant, graphical, and up to date reports - for performance analysis, reporting and "what if" models for capacity planning. It provides a rapid, consistent, and confident means of predicting how systems will perform in a variety of changing business conditions. Use athene ES/1 to tune your IBM z Systems system for optimum performance today and plan future capacity requirements based on accurate, objectively acquired data.

IBM z Systems - Performance Reporting

IBM z Systems - Performance Reporting

athene® ES/1 captures a wide range of metrics from your SMF datasets.
Categories of captured data include:
  • Configuration details and defined capacity
  • LPAR activity and resource consumption including zIIP processors
  • DB2 subsystem and accounting usage
  • IMS transaction and database usage
  • CICS transaction volumes, performance and resource consumption
  • Websphere for MQ and WAS usage
  • z/VM system and guest usage
  • System Workload details by Service Class and Report Class, including:
    • General Purpose and Specialty processor usage
    • Transaction volumes
    • Execution velocity
    • Goal achievement
  • Resource consumption by individual jobs
  • DASD, Storage Group and detailed I/O performance data with athene ES/1 storage
  • Coupling Facility activity

IBM z Systems - Planning

athene ES/1 automatically captures all the workload and configuration data needed and creates an analytical model of a IBM z Systems system.
The data includes:
  • The LPAR configuration
  • CPU, memory and I/O device activity
  • Resource consumption by service class or report class
  • Transaction volumes and job throughputs
  • Performance achievement and targets
A simple wizard-driven interface builds an accurate baseline model, and then validates it against the real-world measurements. The user then simply modifies this model to represent a wide range of possible changes:
  • Increase or decrease in existing workloads
  • New applications to be supported
  • Processor upgrades
  • Redistribution of work across LPARs, or of LPARs across configurations
  • I/O upgrades
  • Improvement in processing efficiency or database access patterns

Reports from athene ES/1 are provided on a workstation as tabular and graphical outputs in addition to traditional mainframe reports. Pre-defined reports, severity alarms, correlations and expert systems analysis and recommendations make it easy to compare workload performance against agreed service level targets. A single athene model can represent a large number of changes, enabling the planning of hardware change against expected workload demands. athene ES/1 optimizes current performance and gives confidence that plans to support new business ventures will be timely and accurate.

athene® ES/1 - Alarms and Advice

athene® ES/1 - Alarms and Advice

athene ES/1 Advisor provides daily system analysis of your IBM z Systems environment, including severity levels and tuning hints.

All necessary metrics are collected and analyzed for a particular IBM z Systems infrastructure.

Longer term analysis is available from athene ES/1 either on the mainframe or workstation.

This analysis provides correlation, trend and forecast views across all metrics.
Audit requirements and security concerns are met through the optional Audit module.

Software and Service

athene ES/1 is available as both a software solution for you to use in house and as a service from Metron

Implement athene ES/1 in minutes and receive regular expert analysis of your IBM z Systems systems whenever required. athene ES/1 is supplied on a purchase or rental basis, and individual modules can be added or removed as required.

Included in purchase and rental costs are two athene ES/1 System Review reports from Metron per annum. These are comprehensive reviews of IBM z Systems activity with consultant analysis by Metron, adding to the standard athene ES/1 output. Typically clients use their System Review consulting allocation before or after major system events such as an operating system upgrade.

Organizations can choose to use Metron to run athene ES/1 for them, leaving their own staff free to administer their IBM z Systems environment. Metron will agree a frequency of report production with each client, then provide a written and verbal review of report findings and recommendations at each reporting point.

Some clients choose to use this for major changes in their IBM z Systems world, as outlined under the Software section. Other clients use it as a replacement for time-consuming regular performance reporting where personnel resource is in short supply or expertise is no longer as readily available in the organization.

Automatic alarms

Automated analysis

athene ES/1 automatically ranks all captured metrics against five severity alert levels.

The comprehensive yet modular structure enables you to fit athene ES/1 precisely to your IBM z Systems requirements. Take modules as required and receive advice that complements existing point solutions, or replace third-party products to save costs.

In addition to classifying each metric according to severity on one of five levels, athene ES/1 will:
  • Automatically correlate metrics to identify ‘cause and effect’ relationships
  • Offer tuning advice for high severity issues
  • Provide references to the extensive library of suggested solutions for each problem



athene ES/1 contains components that reside on both the mainframe and workstation. The mainframe component provides detailed performance analysis reports. The workstation component provides graphical reports for publication to internal web portals.

The workstation component allows for forecasting reports in the area of trends and modeling. athene ES/1 is a mainframe tool written for mainframe people. It offers a simple, reliable mainframe data capture routine, utilizing standard IBM z Systems data sources.

This simple architecture makes implementation quick and easy and time to receive output short. Either current or past performance is analyzed dependent on availability of SMF data.

athene® ES/1 and z/VM

z/VM is the grand-daddy of pretty much all operating system virtualization, and has been running on IBM mainframes since the late 1960s. Performance and capacity data from z/VM’s built-in Monitor facility can be processed by Acquire for z/VM and used by Control Center to update an athene ES/1 CMIS.

Acquire for z/VM takes in Monitor data that has been extracted using standard IBM utilities, similar to the way that Acquire for IBM z Systems reads dumped SMF data on IBM z Systems systems.  The granularity of this data can be as fine as one minute, or as long as one hour – this is set by the customer when requesting z/VM generate the data.  Acquire for z/VM simply uses what it is given.

Data captured by Acquire for z/VM provides key metrics about the whole z/VM system, its guest workloads, real I/O device activity and logical partitions.

After z/VM data is added to a standard athene ES/1 CMIS it can be used with the full range of athene ES/1 reporting, trending and analysis tools including Analyst, Define a Report, Advisor Bulletins and APR.  As with all other athene ES/1 data you can generate reports that display summarized time intervals so even if you capture data at say 2 minute intervals, you produce a long-term report over a month and have athene ES/1 aggregate the data in your report to hours or days.


  • Integrates what has previously been done by several products
  • Easier management of your IBM z Systems environment
  • Consolidate third-party products and save money
  • Independent verification of IBM z Systems performance issues
  • ‘Expert’ support for less experienced staff, available 24x7
  • Fast installation
  • Comprehensive coverage – no costly problems slip through the cracks
  • Report on current historical data
  • Frees up staff time through automation
    • Problem detection
    • Analysis
    • Reporting
    • Suggestion of resolutions
  • Modular architecture means you only pay for what you need

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