athene® SaaS


athene SaaS
athene SaaS is an increasingly popular delivery model for our clients and has significant benefits attached:

The SaaS Advantage
  • Resources always in place for maintenance and upgrading
  • Minimal implementation, maintenance and administration cost
  • Capacity staff free to focus on capacity issues
  • Continuity and Resilience, not affected when staff change or leave
  • Zero impact on other infrastructure teams
  • Zero cost for capacity management infrastructure
  • Work from anywhere
Why OPEX rather than CAPEX?
  • Quicker ROI when you ‘pay as you go’ rather than invest upfront
  • Smoother, more predictable and flexible cash flow
  • 100% of the software charge is tax allowable every year

More information regarding athene SaaS is available by contacting or by using the 'Contact Me' button at the top of the page.

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Experience the benefits of Capacity Management without the need to manage a software and database implementation. athene Software as a Service provides a secure, hassle-free alternative to an onsite software implementation. Following initial setup and knowledge transfer, we manage all elements of the hosting server for a regular monthly fee, including:
  • Maintenance of the athene software
  • Maintenance of the Capacity Management Information System (CMIS)
  • Acquisition and maintenance of storage
  • Completing regular upgrades and updates
  • Providing supporting software and its maintenance, including:
    • Windows, SQL Server, Virus Protection, Microsoft Office, IIS, Firewall Software

athene SaaS Data Management

Data Management

athene SaaS allows us to manage the size and the content of the Capacity Management Information System (CMIS) based on various criteria you choose.

These include:
  • Granularity of data required
  • Retention period of data
  • Specific subsystems or classes of data
  • Data for various systems and/or LPARs
Managing the data in the CMIS will minimize your ongoing storage costs.

athene® SaaS Add Ons

Our 30 years of experience in Capacity Management means our expertise is frequently called upon to provide Healthchecks to organizations of varied sizes and in various sectors. A quarterly look at the health of the environment, along with specific tuning recommendations can keep an organization at a much higher Capacity Management maturity level than an organization that spends considerable time fighting fires.

We look at key services and hardware and provide a report on the overall health of the systems and technology involved. For IBM z Systems environments we use athene ES/1 to provide severity levels and tuning recommendations.

athene SaaS Healthcheck

Predicting / Modeling
Modeling is a key activity in the Capacity Management process. athene uses both trending and analytic modeling to help an organization predict future capacity requirements based on historical data and business forecasts. While trending and modeling are tasks that can be learned by the Capacity Manager, some organizations don’t have staffing level or expertise to do planning activities.

We will create quarterly predictions based on historical data and business forecasts for your organization’s critical services. These reports can be presented to both IT and business management.

athene SaaS Predicting / Modeling

Regular reporting is a key activity in a mature Capacity Management process. athene provides considerable automation to generate regular reports, and the client is free to set up any regular or ad hoc reporting as desired.

For organizations who don’t have the time, staff or expertise we can choose which reports to create, set up the schedules and help you to interpret the reports.

athene SaaS Reporting

athene® SaaS Brochure

More information regarding athene SaaS is available by contacting or by using the 'Contact Me' button at the top of the page.

Download our athene® SaaS brochure