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A single logical database

athene features a single logical database (Capacity Management Information System – CMIS) where all performance and capacity metrics are stored.

The single CMIS can consist of multiple physical databases giving you flexibility of implementation, security and management.

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athene® ServiceView

athene ServiceView provides interactive, web-based short, medium, and long-term views of performance and capacity issues across all your services, with automatic prediction of time left before any change is needed.

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athene environments

Import data from existing tools

athene takes performance and capacity data from your existing software tools. Supplement that with athene ’s agentless or agent-based capture where needed.

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Data from any source

athene provides a 360° view of capacity: server; storage; database; network; application, Cloud. Whatever the operating platform, athene will take in the data. Different storage technologies, no problem. Unique business data, no problem. Tailor athene to your specific needs using our Capture Packs.

360 degree Capacity Management

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athene analytics

Quick and easy analytics

Correlate and report on any data in the CMIS to show the business impact of capacity issues and the effect on capacity of business decisions.

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Report by service

Easily report by service or lines of business

Slice and dice performance and capacity data to report and predict performance levels in line with the service definitions the organization understands.

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Data analysis

Detailed analysis and statistical tools at hand

Detailed performance investigation, statistical analysis, trending and modeling future performance, forecasting capacity requirements - athene supports all the ‘hands on’ capacity management functions an analyst needs.

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Configurable to meet your needs

Manage capacity and ensure acceptable performance thanks to athene’s unique configurability to meet all your data and reporting needs.

More visibility into a “cloudy” environment

athene hooks into Cloud platforms and sees the full picture with links to leading APM tools letting you easily manage on-premise, Cloud or hybrid applications. Wanting to minimize your support infrastructure? Run athene SaaS in the Cloud and let us manage your capacity management environment for you.

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Expert support and advice for the mainframe

Expert support and advice for the mainframe

The mainframe is still here. Explore athene’s comprehensive expert systems support providing analysis and planning for the IBM z Systems mainframe and all its subsystems.

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Reduce costs
by automating the capture and storage of performance and capacity data in a built-for-purpose CMIS.

Improve staff productivity
by creating and distributing regular (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) reports automatically.

Avoid wasting budget
by predicting when, how much, and what type of additional hardware resources will be needed based on historical data and business forecasts.

Increase return on investment (ROI)
from existing framework data sources.

Guarantee happy users and customers
by minimizing capacity-related incidents and outages.

Assurance for senior management
that their business won’t be disrupted by any capacity and performance surprises, both now and in the future.

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