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Metron Consulting Services has been delivering capacity management solutions and services for over 25 years. As established experts in service delivery, we have been providing business assurance to a global client base through our range of standard and customized services. Our experienced consulting team has a range of expertise across all enterprise platforms and multiple toolsets.

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Cloud Capacity Management Service

A keen insight into the service workloads is essential to ensuring your required service levels are continually met during and after any Cloud transition. Whether you are migrating to the cloud or are already there, we can provide your organization with expert consulting to help manage performance and capacity and control costs.
  • Data Gathering
  • Rightsizing
  • Report Findings
  • Minimize Costs
  • Planning the Future

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Cloud Capacity Management Service

VMware / Virtualization Cluster Planning Process and Service

Being able to plan for the future growth of your VMware or other virtualization environment is vitally important - how much headroom do you have in your cluster today and how many more virtual machines (VMs) will your cluster support going forward? The ability to communicate in these simple terms to project and business management is crucial.

VMware / Virtualization Cluster Planning Process and Service

Metron has built a process that you can use in your own organization - regardless if you are currently an athene® client. The process includes assessing your existing environment, understanding your future plans, and calculating the capacity recommendations in the number of VMs the existing cluster(s) will support.

We offer a web-based or onsite service to help quickly put this process in place and generate fast results. The web-based service consists of a half-day of guidance from a Metron consultant as he builds the process for your environment and transfers that knowledge to you. The on-site service consists of a full day of a Metron consultant working side-by-side to build the process and evaluate a few clusters in your environment (time permitting), while providing knowledge transfer.

Pricing Structure US UK
Self service - document-based $249
£169 (ex VAT)
Half day consulting - web-based $999
£699 (ex VAT)
Full day consulting - on-site $1999
£999 (ex VAT)

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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis
Stakeholders need confidence that expenditure in the business is being used to best effect. Ensuring that processes and procedures align with industry good practices is a way to provide that confidence.

ITIL® is the leading approach for good practice for management of IT infrastructure and its interaction with the business. Implementing what is appropriate for your organization from within those guidelines is an effective means of justifying to stakeholders that your environment is being managed in line with or better than industry expectations.

Our Gap Analysis service helps define an organization’s understanding of where it is, where it should be, and how to get there.

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FREE System z Capacity Audit and Projection

You are invited to use this free download to collect and return data to Metron for a FREE System z Capacity Audit and Projection. This document contains instructions for implementing the athene® ES/1 Acquire data capture module and collecting that data.

The download package is a .ZIP file (184KB in size) which contains:
  • athene® ES/1 Getting Started Guide. Click here if you would like to download the Guide in advance
  • athene® ES/1 Acquire Sample Control Card text file
  • athene® ES/1 Acquire zip file containing items to upload to the mainframe
FREE Capacity Audit and Projection
Metron’s athene® ES/1 for System z offers a range of features to enable you to analyze performance across your entire estate, report and create trends of behavior and analytically model future scenarios to optimize configurations and expenditure.

Metron will analyze the data and provide the following feedback:
  • Summary analysis of the environment
  • One suggested tuning hint for the environment
  • Five reports showing
    • CPU Utilization
    • DASD Utilization
    • Service Class Utilization
    • Batch Job performance
    • Overall System Health
To receive the FREE IBM z Systems Capacity Audit and Projection service, please follow the instructions in the documentation provided in the download package.
A password is required to return your captured data to Metron – this will be sent to you as a result of registering to access the download.

Only one FREE System z Capacity Audit and Projection service per organization is available.
The Acquire software may be retained and used for capture of data for additional services requested from Metron.

If you would like more detailed analysis and prediction relating to your System z environment, or other platforms, please contact to discuss requirements, data capture options and costs for such an additional exercise.


Storage Performance Assessment (SPA)

Storage Performance Assessment (SPA)

We are confident that you’ll be impressed by the findings of MIV and are offering you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a Storage Performance Assessment free of charge. The service will uncover any hidden performance bottlenecks and resolve them before they impact your storage and infrastructure availability.

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